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  1. Level 75 with Upgraded Build: Attain the pinnacle of power with a boosted character, reaching level 75 and equipped with an optimized build. Conquer challenges with newfound strength and expertise.
  2. Get 650-725 ilvl Items: Secure top-tier equipment ranging from 650 to 725 item level. Strengthen your character with high-quality gear to face even the most formidable foes.
  3. Renown Boosting up to Level 4: Ascend the ranks of renown with our boosting service, elevating your character’s renown level to 4. Earn admiration and reap exclusive rewards.
  4. Chances to Get Legendary, Unique Items: Enhance your gear collection with a higher chance of obtaining legendary and unique items during the boost. Unleash the might of rare and exceptional equipment in your battles.
  5. Campaign Completion along with 105 Paragon Levels: Skip the grind and embark on more challenging adventures with confidence as our boosters complete the campaign and grant your character 105 Paragon levels.
  6. Glyphs (4-5 Pieces) in the Paragon Board for Your Build: Strengthen your character’s abilities by unlocking 4-5 potent Glyphs in the Paragon Board, tailored to complement your build.
  7. Unlocked Legendary Aspects in Codex of Power for Your Build: Harness the full potential of your build with unlocked Legendary Aspects in the Codex of Power. Tailor your character’s abilities for unparalleled performance.
  8. Currencies During the Boost: Earn valuable in-game currencies throughout the boost. Use them to purchase essential items, unlocking even more opportunities for growth and domination.


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