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  1. Level 100 and Renown Boosting up to Level 5: Attain the pinnacle of power with a boosted character, reaching level 100 and elevating your renown level up to 5. Stand among the elite and earn prestigious rewards.
  2. Get 750-825 ilvl Items and 225 Paragon Points: Acquire top-tier gear ranging from 750 to 825 item level, along with 225 Paragon Points to strengthen your character further. Equip yourself with the best-in-slot items and reach new heights of power.
  3. Chances to Get Legendary, Unique Items: Increase your odds of obtaining legendary and unique items during the boost. Harness the unparalleled power of rare gear to overcome any challenge.
  4. Unlocked Aspects in Codex of Power for your Build: Unlock the full potential of your build with newly acquired Aspects in the Codex of Power. Customize your character to fit your playstyle perfectly.
  5. Glyphs up to 21+ lvl (4-5 pieces) in the Paragon Board for your Build: Empower your character with powerful Glyphs, reaching up to level 21 and equipped in 4-5 strategic positions on the Paragon Board.
  6. Desired Meta Build with Gear, Skill Tree, Aspects & Stats: Optimize your character with a top-tier meta build. Maximize your gear, skill tree, Aspects, and stats to dominate the battlefield.
  7. Campaign Completion: Skip the grind and have the campaign completed for you. Embark on more challenging adventures and explore end-game content with confidence.
  8. Currencies During the Boost: Earn valuable in-game currencies throughout the boost. Utilize them to purchase essential items and accelerate your journey to greatness.


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